Model 100 (M100) Scanner

A voter-activated paper ballot counter and vote tabulator.  The M100 alerts voters to over-voted races and under-voted ballots.

iVotronic Touch Screen

Voters securely cast their vote for each race and/or ballot proposition simply through the touch of the screen.  Its Audio Ballot feature assists those voters who are visually impaired.  the iVotronic prevents the voter from over-voting and alerts the voter of under-voted races.


Voting Equipment Overview


Pulaski County uses iVotronic Touch Screens exclusviely for early voting.  If a voter wishes to vote a paper ballot, they must vote on Election Day, or vote Absentee, if they are unable to vote Election Day.


Election Day


Pulaski County is a paper ballot county on Election Day, using the M100 Scanner to tabulate the ballots, with one iVotronic Touch Screen at each polling location for voters with disabilities.